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Lunar New Yes is just another couple of days to go and I'm all set for the day to come.
( ^______^ ) so whats up wats up wazssup~

As plan-ed,

today is the day of Glutinous Red Bean 'sweet' Ball, known as well as ANMO 餡餅 [あんも]
It's totally one very practical and easy traditional dessert to make, all you have to do is prepare the ingredients and mold 'lol'


Glutinous Rice Flour ( GRF )
Lukewarm Hot Water
Ready Made Paste ( Adzuki / Red Bean ,or any u favor )
" notes. you can also make the paste on your own by boiling the red bean until it's soft and crushable. "

01 Prepare the ingredients.
* Take out the paste and mold into a nice medium-small sized ball like.
* Take out the GRF on a nice big bowl then add some Lukewarm Hot water into the flour and blend it well. (refer to image. 1)

02 Add more of the water until it's well mixed and elastic konyaku feels like when being touched.

03 As you mold out the Flour&Water it will shaped onto one big shape.

04 next, re-mold again onto a one huge cylinder shape with diameter as you'd like the mochi to be in size.

05 After you get the Cylinder Shape; pinch some of the mold ( not too much nor too little ) and shaped it onto a rounded shape, ball like. (refer to image. 2)

06 Take the molded paste as you have done on the first step and fold it inside the flour mold (no. 05, refer to image. 2)
slowly and carefully wrap it buck onto shape of a ball ,by pushing in the paste inside, & ..using your edge palm in between the Thumb and Index finger shaping up the mold.

07 All set.
Balls are ready filled with the wonderful paste. (refer to image. 0 ,first top image of the entry)

" notes. you can either boil and serve directly or
keep it in the refrigerator for days to come u prefer to eat. "

08 Since I'm here to guide you with the making and ensuring it's well-made and ready to eat.
Next step is take out a big enough pan (used to make soup) and filled it with water, around half filled the pan and wait until water has boiled.

09. Boiled, are u sure ?
What are you waiting for, throw in the molded balls you have made, but slowly, one-by-one.. We don't want the mochi to get wasted, right :)

10 Basic 'logical' Knowledge on the Science of Food

How do we know it's ready ?
Simple-; When the balls (mochi) starts to floating up, it means
mochi are almost ready.

Why does it float up ?
Because its outer layer, which is the GRF has been boiled enough, meaning ready to be eaten itself.
however, it doesn't always mean that its content inside is ready.
" This is why when
Mochi starts to float up we don't directly take it out from the pan, in order to ensure that all is set and perfect. "

So, When do I know it's ready and.. "
As I said before, when
mochi starts to float up next thing you have to do is to add some-more water into the pan
and wait for another 5~15 minutes.
Depend on what the content is.
In this case its a ready-made-paste which means, it has been cooked before so it's ready.

If, for instance you decided to make a
mochi, which known as Dumpling 餃子 [ぎょうざ: GYOUZA] with meat, etc filling.'
then you have to let it boil (cooked) for a longer period, ex. 30minutes or so.

11 Finally, you can see its skin by being very elastic and a little transparent in colour also smooth in surface.

If what I describe is exactly happening to your
mochi I can assure that it's ready to get served and eaten~
P.S. If you;d like you can also add some sugar onto the water used to cook the
mochi and served it up together.
" thanks to my ayi who has teached me and reminded on how to make tradition home chinese influence mochi "

Copyright 09 カメリオンpattiserie© by. mindy' ちゃん

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