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It is not something significant
It is not something to go overboard on
It is not something to let go
It is not something to ignore
something to let go
something to forget
or was it all just a dream.

The altar hall was not small, it is tremendous like a colossal of those old Greek historical hall, never wavered from the tradition set by its origin in the late nineteenth century with a very exclusive ten course meal laying on each set of the 2nd level rounded table. Each corner of the hall field with a very detailed ornament a very historical avant-garde style. The wall was white a little creamy shades by the light which sprung from its ceiling of a chandelier. It might seems like another Chandelier but that night, on that particular night the chandelier wasn't all that bright, the light was warm and makes my heart feel as if I'm not standing on the world anymore; There he was standing in front of my eyes. I couldn't belief it was him leading me to the center of the dance hall if he did not reached for my hand, if he did not saw me.

My heart was thumping with fragility. I'm afraid if I take his hand I couldn't bare the feeling of letting him go again, once my heart was hurt because of my own foolishness, twice was because of my guts and third knowing the fact he could never be mine; but why, why all this has got to come back all over again, all these memories. I thought I have long ago buried the feelings I used to have for him, but now I can't bare to fool my heart nor even my bare -naked eyes to ignore his existence. Yet still he took my hand without even asking, it was very warm and soft, as i thought it should be. He was tall, with hair as fluffy as light as the air. His eyes was soft as hazelnut. What appeal most is how gorgeously cute look he has with a sweet charm of his. That night he wore a tux, a white tux.

Next couple days i thought it was all just a dream. It rain, a hard rain indeed, as hard as if it can banished all my worries. I was about to go for a family outing when suddenly the unexpected happened. There he appeared running towards me with a clear transparent umbrella as if it can clear all of my worries, there he stands beside me shielded me with his umbrella and hug me over closer to him-self with his arms wrapping around my shoulder. My heart couldn't stop thumping. This time I was sure it's not just a dream, it's not impossible to put a hope over something which is merely possible.

innocent love
愛て なんだとも いますか
what is love


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  1. d On February 19, 2009 at 4:17 PM

    Is it a dream or those million love neurons get a bit lonely?


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