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「蜷川実花展 地上の花、天上の色」





東京オペラシティアートギャラリーにて開催した「蜷川実花展 地上の花、天上の色」は2008年12月28日で終了いたしました。次は岩手県立美術館に巡回します。

Fashion, music, advertising, film, and many other areas. Mika Ninagawa, photographer, has attracts most attention on the national tour's first major exhibition. Her works has always been a recurring theme of "Flower" and "travel" and "goldfish" and "People" and other representative works from the early and rare works of student art SERUFUPOTOREITO, "Noir" and up to her latest, entitled, more than 400 points of work expressed, created the whole picture.

She focuses on film direction, produced works in full distinction of colors not by manipulation. Her works has the power to impress its own vividness on color visualization & see the spectacular views of the writer himself. "Leave a picture of what can not retain" so as to sharpen the brilliance of the moment of going live UTSUROI, a world that works to create colors not of this world, Matsui Midori's art critic, "ground Flower color in heaven "and expressed (the subtitle of this exhibition, from the words of Mr. Matsui頂戴).

"Ninagawa World" Be sure not to miss her upcoming exhibition ~!!

2009 Saturday, April 11 (Saturday)
Held at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery.
"Ninagawa Mika flower exhibition ground, the color of heaven" in 2008 ended on December 28. Following the rounds in Iwate Museum of Art.

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