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 .."Live forever with Hornsleth"

it was nice meeting with Kristian, Hektor, & Theis~
U guys are awesome artist ( & cool family ), thanks for the trust & share !

Heno | Hans Nyny Xteve ..for all the hardwork 'n blast passion
JZ performance *purfect*

To people who came to the event yesterday 6th May 09
... did u get your blood taken
... did u get your hair cut
... did u get your certificate with you
... who did it to u ? 「was it by me personally ;p」

lol, anyway,
Thanks for the participation & hope it will be haunting memory !!

由比子ちゃん^^次またね、前THANK.U "献血者" 覚えるください

.. " cool huh, eerie memento "

link to: HORNSLETH

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