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KARA (doll) / Junichi TAKAHASHI (photo)
"twin: Agyu"
(Photo) size:118cmx85cm, camera: canon 1 Ds Mark2, print:FUJIFILM Laser Graphic Print, year: 2006
(doll) size:120cm, media: stone dust (stone clay), person hair and oil coloring, year: 2004
.. ..
I just can't take my eyes-off this work of art " breathing life into dolls "
if just... Just if... there's someone who will do project of capturing such'mesmerizing' beauty~
it will be my pleasure to be your model.
.. ..
" Dolls hold a special place in Japanese culture- so question of what they really are and how one feels when faced with them are raised. This photographic collection may be one portal through which these questions may be answered. "

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