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I don't really know how the word fro-yo ever existed in the world of food,
however I wiki it and found out its shortened for frozen-yoghurt..
well, lesson for dummies101 completed.

What is the first word that pops-up into your mind for SUMMER

Sunny, Hot, Ice, Dust, Suffocated, Clean Air, Beach !!

This Summer I am bringing u guys " Ice "
From the original to those copy-cat..errr

notes. 4* Sour | 3* Semi-Sour | 2* Semi-Sweet | 1* Sweet

'lil History
I belief before Frozen Yoghurt ((specialized store)) existed..
Its first and foremost inventor goes to Frozen Yoghurt,
Since people's demand often changes, starting what we all known as millennium era,
year of the advanced technology & recession !! People tend to care for their health first (nutrition), taste (second).
Yoghurt, It is a nutritional food with unique health benefits.
It is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.
There is evidence of cultured milk products being produced as food for at least 4,500 years.
The earliest yoghurts were probably spontaneously fermented by wild bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Red Mango (originally from USA)

Taste: Original, 2* + Strawberry, 3* Overall 8.5
Store (incl. environment & location): 8
Notes. Discount for every BlackBerry user, what about iPHONE " whoops~ "

Sour Sally (inspired from USA)

Taste: Original, purfect 4*yoghurt " It's sour !! " + Green tea 3* + Strawberry 2* ; Overall 9
Store (incl. environment & location): 9
notes. Perfect taste, but price isn't really satisfying. Well, they have a discount membership :)

Patisserie Francois (Authentic French inspired)

Taste: Original, 4*yoghurt " It's sour w/ a touch " + Peach ; Overall 8
Store (incl. environment & location): 9
notes. How they prepare it doesnt look so convincing, however we all know the old saying "dont judge a book by its cover"

Berry Jean's (inspiration? Tomodachi Restaurant?)

Taste: Sour, 3* + Sweet, 1* ; Overall 8
Store (incl. environment & location): 7
notes. They have varieties of how the Yoghurt can be eaten, like + brownies/ +casavas/ +jelly/ +request?

5th. (owned by, inspired by Frozen Yoghurt)

Taste: 3*; Overall 8
Store (incl. environment &location): 9
notes. Jcool has a very good strategy by having a low price or giving out more toppings-

Winner goes to..
S o u r S a l l y

mandy x

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