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MAC 101 is about problem solving or complaints
..which unexpectedly does happens on any Macintosh laptop.

Current OS: Safari 4.0.2

Problem: Safari Toolbar Malfunction

My safari just keeps on quit-ing without any reasons..
it doesn't want to re-start nor undo (after I click, it immediately QUITS)

So, like everyone's been doing.. go on " Search Engine " and type the problems.
I did found some tips, however in the end there wasn't any resolution to it.

Here is my experience on solving the problem, hope it helps..

Case 1.

Some articles on the web told me to go over:

Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences >
and DELETE the file !

" I didn't do it,
since I'm not sure what kind or what kind of outcome will it do to my safari "

Problem: Unsolved

Case 2.

Some articles on the web told me to go over:

User > Toolbars > " _______ "
and DELETE the file inside !

" I can't find any programs inside the folder ?! "

Problem: Unsolved

Case 3.

This is how I solved it on my own trick:

Macintosh HD > Library > Receipts > _____.pkg
and DELETE the file !

" On my case, I try to locate my history of the file which I recently download as toolbar.
If you can't recall the name of the file, not to worry,
still you can browse under 'Receipts' folder for any weird file name. "

' Receipts' folder is where you can find all the programs you have had download & Install

Problem: SOLVED

" some says I'm a computer geek, maybe I am~ "
mandy x

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