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There are
02 significance digits this year

Those digits refer to the once in a year..
09 09 09 09th Sept 2009
On this date.
• 白露 White Dew (15th solar term)
• Grandparents Anniversary
• Step lil' sisters Bday " 生日快樂 "
• Shanghai ART week is back !!
.. Lots of Opening this month

Those digits refer to my condolences..
09 11 09 11th Sept 2009
On this date
• Back in 2001, Twin tower clashed by Al 'Qaeda
• 2009 Obama makes a speech naming more than 3,000 victims fallen
• Exhibition of DARWIN now @ Shanghai Science & Technology Museum
• Luckiest day of the week [ Beads Found/ キミのケーキあげるよ~ ]


09 10 09
Just wanna say " Happy B'day キミ〜 誕生日おめでとう " for the bazillion times
喜歡五月天的人每天都要HIGH, 其實我也想說謝謝好久在上海沒覺得那麼開心..
I guess, I just gotta enjoy life fully.. being moody doesn't change anything
Gotta keep going on, move on.
Well can't understand my own mind... perhaps, I aint that strong after all ★

Mandy xx

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