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ever wonder how will " Michiru " looks like when she's wearing glasses ?

これまでどのようになる " ミチルちゃん "とき、彼女は眼鏡のように見えるのだろうか?


" Tadaaaaaaaa~ ~~ ほらほら 見て、どうだった^^↑↑ "


Recommended product of the year 2010.

DHC Eyelash Tonic
highly recommended for girls who loved to make-up; particularly eyelashes area

How it Works..
it will protect & gives more vitamin to your eyelashes to grow better & stronger, also will help to cure some breakage.

How to use..
Daily, or, Twice a week. Daylight apply it as a base then apply your mascara. Nigh apply it as a treatment.


E A R T H Q U A K E !!!!!!
Earthquake in Taipei, Taiwan.. Local time 03:28.a.m.

Michi xx

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