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Converted by Falcon Hive

feels like..
there are so many many things in my mind
which I just can't say it out loud,
probably it's not my scribble mind, my lonely heart ?
( l o l ) ~♪
after bday here comes the melancholic side of me
what can I say, life is just like dust in the eyes
u can control the obstacles coming into your life
"nothin goes according to your mind" ( ・д・)/--=≡(((卍

aah~ nevermind,

.. such a
lonely cactus ..


How can you tell a rabbits emotions?


-Rabbits use ears tail and body stance to

-Grooming- a sign of affection ( if your rabbit licks you consider it love)-

-Nose wiggles- The faster the wiggling, the more attentive or agitated the rabbit is.-
-Offense-Rabbit moves into your vicinity, faces you a moment, then
examines the ground-
this means im telling you who's the boss.
sitting in your vicinity turns sideways, or a little turned away, ears
and looks at you with one eye-
whats your problem.
-Rabbit turns its
back to you and sits or lies down,
without even looking back.-you are
behaving to my dislike.

-Angery-Ears backwards and up, or all the way down and back.-
-Happy- ears forward and pointed, or flick ears-
-Scared- A rabbit that is scared may thump its back legs.-

p.s. thx dD, it's now in new house (`(エ)´)ノ_彡

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