Padd Solutions

Converted by Falcon Hive

" Life is like
Masquerade ; u can always pretend to be someone's else,
but you'll never
be you until u create your independence & accept your -own- self

__Mandy x Michiru__

Once in your benevolent life

There comes a day when u just feels like to be the opposite
There comes a day when u feels like to let it all out
There comes a day when u get real drunk

As if everything's around is spinning
As if everything's seems fine
As if everything's under control
As if you can just be the real foolish-self

Without anyone trying to stop
Without anyone to complaint
Without anyone expecting you be sober

A day when I eminently drunk
I'll still remember every little things,
perhaps' not all details.
I'll still be myself
perhaps not just myself, but the real unprotected -self
I'll still stick to the status quo
perhaps it's all just the fragile part of me
screaming.. howling.. to get out of the box
Nothing Everything


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