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ありがとう「TINA’S CAKE」

I finally learn how to make a bread
It was fun and interesting^^
Although it was abit hard, however, results was nothing close disapointment!
Thanks 「TINA’S CAKE」

Lesson Learnt.

① How do you know if YEAST is alive or dead ?
" When mix w/ warm water, make sure there's Bubble →← Alive "

② How many times does the dough have to RISE ?
" 2x : First under 28-30ºC for 30-40mins | Second under 38-40ºC for 20-30mins "

③ How to make sure if its well risen for the FIRST RISE ?
" Sprinkle your index finger w/ flour and punch down to the buttom of the dough..
if the dough doesnt bounce back it means it's READY!! "

④ When do I have to do the SECOND RISE ?
" After you knead the dough into a bread.. filling in content/ decorate its outer part. "

⑤ BAKE ?
" Yes, after the first and second rise. BAKE with normal heat.. 180ºC "


結果: 餡こパン

結果: レーズンパン

Mandy xx
Chameleon Patisserie

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