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今日は第七終わり、第八待て > <

Procedures for applying work in china:

1. Before the employee entering china (or/ after employee being accepted)
Employer should apply for Employment License first in municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau Reception Center of Employment Affairs of Foreigners, for the employee.

Document Required:
- Passport
- Passport size photos (2inch/寸)
- CV (English & Chinese .V)
- Previous Employee letter (stating employee has worked for at least 2 years)
note. They take importance of the Chinese version, they don't care other language but required as formality.
5 work days /no charge

2. The employer shall apply a letter of Z visa notification go through formalities.
3work days/¥20

3. The employer shall mail the document above and original Employment License to the employee oversea
'or' the employee shall get back to their country w/ all the following documents from step 1 & 2

3.5. Employee shall book for his/ her VISA PHYSICAL EXAMINATION in their home country.

For example.
Home Country : Singapore
Recommended Hospital (Any will do) :
- SGH (Singapore general Hospital), Block 7 CONTACT
- Raffles Hospital CONTACT
Full body examination tests: Blood Check, Urine Check, Chest X-ray, Vision, Height & Weight, Doctor Consultation

4. The employee shall apply forthwith for Z visa at Chinese embassy/consulate/Vise office in Employee’ nation.

Document Required:
- letter of Z visa notification
- original Employment License (+copy)
- Passport
- Passport photo x2
- Report from. Visa Health Check (Takes 3-4 working days)
within 30 days from date of the letter issue.

In the meantime, you can ask your employer to BOOK your PHYSICAL EXAMINATION in CHINA,
to reduce waiting/ processing time-

5. After entering China with Z Visa,
the employee shall make Physical examination at Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
" it's more of validating your previous checkup. "
A. 4 work days /¥702/fluctuate
(full body examination | Blood Check, Urine Check, Chest X-ray, Vision, Height & Weight, Doctor Consultation)
B. 4 work days /¥76/depend
(only for those who has taken the Visa Health Check in their home country. Please bring ORIGINAL COPY and show to doctor.)
You can ask them to deliver or Pickup on your own. Delivery costs: ¥20

Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Centre 上海国际旅行卫生保健中心
Address 地址: No.15 Jinbang Rd.,Shanghai 上海市金浜路15号 200335
Phone 电话: 8621)62686171,62688851
Fax 传真: (8621)62686286

6. If passing the Physical examination,
the employer shall apply for the Employment Permit.
3 work days (max)/ no charge

6.5. OPTIONAL -Health Card
For employee whose applying work within F&B department; They have to get a Health Card issued by any Local Hospital.
(Test including. Blood Check, Anal Check, X-ray )

Document Required:
- Passport
- Passport size photos (1inch/寸 x2)
2-3weeks:1month /¥76-¥80

7. Registrant temporary residence in Police Station where the employee Resident.
Can be done within week after you arrived China.

Document Required:
(original & copy)
- Passport
- Visa
- House rent agreement (p.1 & Last p.)
15-30 minutes /no charge

8. Finally the foreigner shall go through formalities for the residence permit at Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau within 30 days from date of entrance. F1RST TIME employee & employer shall go together w/ all required documents.

Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
Address 地址: No.1208, Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200135
Subway Access: Shanghai Science and Technology Museum 上海科技馆站, line 2, exit 3
Phone 电话: (8621) 68549999

- 2x Photo
- Passport
- Employment License
- Police Registration of Alien
- Alien Employment Permit
- Company certificate
- Company government related docs.
5 work days/¥400


Q.「Do I have to get an Agent throughout the process?」
It really depend on your employer.
If your employer help you throughout the process, the answer is: NO
If your employer hopes you to do it on your own, the answer is: YES. and keep all receipts to report to your employer.

Agent (if u need one.)
Ms. Tu 涂小姐
based in Shanghai, China 上海、中国
m.p: +86 134 8252 2929
→ say you were referred by the singaporean guy 余先生

Q.「How long does it usually takes for all the process to get completed whole-fully?」
It takes about (at least) 1-2months

Q.「What if the employee has been residing in China. Does He/ She still has to go back to home country & apply Z-visa?」
Sad to say, YES.
There's rumor that you can do it in Hongkong, but for most cases,
they would ask you to go back and apply Z-VISA (working visa) back in your home country.

Q.「How long does the process will take "approximately" in my home-country?」
It's really hard to say.
If u are lucky like me o(^▽^)o. It takes 5 Working Days.
2 working days of HEALTH CHECK results (Ask for. URGENT)
3 working days of Z-VISA processing (Ask for. EXPRESS Process)
However, the most safe way is to plan your trip for 2 week,
although 1 week is possible and consider as RUSH luck ♣

..any more Questions ?
I'll update it in Jap.V next time 時期日本語待ってよ

Thanks for the Help Junde, do checkout his blog for more interesting fact on China issue stuffs.


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