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Today as I read my email I found this one interesting article

The article is about
Smile ニコニコ .
.. story starts of from a mother of 3 whose about to finished up her final year of college.
The final task in order to graduate is to write a thesis based on 'Smile'
she thought it was a piece of cake.

One day she went to a fast food restaurant and found out suddenly the people who has been queuing disappear. Later she discovered it was because of the customer ( 2 guys ) who has smell on their body. Guy who just behind her is rather short and have blue-eyes, the guy behind him suffered 'mental deficiency車椅子'. *hint: Blue eyed guy is his Guardian* When the waiter asked her what to order, she then let them order first.. what they ordered is just ' a cup of coffee ' cause it's the only 食べ物/飲み物 ラーメン they could afford in order to get them self warm-up inside the restaurant.

After they finished ordering, the woman order 2 -SET of BIG BREAKFAST COMBO outside from what she supposedly wanted to order for her-self and family. She then asked the waitress to bring the order to her family (husband and kids) and bring the 2 -SET of BIG BREAKFAST COMBO to the guys whose been queuing behind her earlier. This action has caught up many citizens attention and made them realizes on how cruel their reactions was before.

This incident reminds her of the 'Smile' thesis task she supposed to submit and decided to use it.
Later that day, the professor called her and asked her that he would like to share her experience in front of the class, and used it together along as the lecture start.. she then happily :nod: to his demand. By the way professor do his lecture in telling the story has inspired most of the students in the class and made their eyes glittering with tears.

クラブ " Smile with your HEART, and you will know how powerful the effect has from that SMILE "

" Tersenyumlah dengan 'HATImu', dan kau akan mengetahui betapa 'dahsyat' dampak yang ditimbulkan oleh senyummu itu."

“ 笑用你的真心,當你會發現真麼強烈一個人的微笑 "

" 笑い
用にあなたの心、じゃあなたはわかる笑い多強大 " ハート

with his own way, GOD has 'used' her to touch the (inner) heart of those people whose inside the restaurant. Not just her husband, kids, professor, students.. She graduated with one lesson she will never-ever forget and received in any other college subjects;
which is: '


INSTINCT used to interact with your-self
HEART used to interact with people
People who loses friends will lose more, much-much more than losing
¥ -money,
but they who don't have a belief will loses all 「全部なくす

GOD promised will give food to each 足あとanimal, but HE will never throw the food into their cage;
GOD promised will give food to each 女の子living beings男の子, but HE will never lead us into temptation
People who looks 'pretty / beautiful / suaive, basically, good looking' is work of nature, but OLD PEOPLE who looks ' pretty ーきれいい' is a work of art.
Learn from their EXPERIENCE,
cause u can't live long enough in order to get all of the experiences from your own-self 「

I think this story really~ has touch, even' shaken my heart
it has open up my mind
realized myself on how lucky enough I am,
how there are still lots of people who need our helping hand.

Spread this story out to the people you love ,not to mention, you hate too.
At least it will means that u still has a heart and may the 'angels' be with u o(〃^▽^〃)o

©illustration thanks to: akashi-kyoko

WISEMAN says: Many people come and go from your life, but only 'True Friends' will leaves STAIN in your heart口紅


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