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yesterday I was petrified with the the awkward sound ..grawling.. outside (feels like inside) the room.
As scary as it sounds it might be the sound of an animal
にゃー making love early in the morning of the dawn of twilight *dang!!*
昨天真的是太可怕了,好恐怖的身影原來好像是雙動物在做愛,呵呵 ( ̄▽+ ̄*) おっと .

talking about twilight reminds me of yesterday.
Here I go, trying to spend the day for a movie..
un my, 2nd. time for the movie TWILIGHT based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer.
The cinema wasn't so bad afterall.. I tried the one beside ROSE 玫瑰‘西門町’ ticket way cheaper than Breeze 230 NTD (student) 260 NTD (full).

(before that I actually went to have a look at 台大 i'll post the full report of it on next entry, now time for a shower 行く)

Dalai's test of self-realm:

#1 : Make list of the animal that reflects your-self (based on priority)

1) 牛Cow

2) 虎Tiger

3) 羊Sheep

4) 馬Horse

5) 豬Pig

1 4 5 3 2

#2 : Describe what u think when u see the words below.

1) 狗Dog

Loyal & cuddly

2) 茂Cat

Spoiled, yet mysterious

3) 鼠Rat


4) 咖啡Coffe

Bitter, but pleasing

5) 海Sea

Calm 'peace of mind'

#3 : think of someone u know and has special meaning in your life. Just one name under each colour.

1) 黄色Yellow


2) 橙色Orange


3) 赤色Red


4) 白色White


5) 緑色Green


#4: write you fav number and day of the week.
.. & Have in mind what you've been wishing for.


# 1: This will answer which you think has the highest priority towards your life :

1) Cow -career
2) Tiger -self pride
3) Sheep -love
4) Horse -family
5) Pig -money/prosperity

# 2: Your description about..
1) Dog reflects your OWN-SELF
2) Cat reflects how your couple will be
3) Rat reflects your enemy character
4) Coffee answer the questions towards your opinion on ' SEX'
5) Sea reflects how the life you're living in

# 3:
1) Yellow -someone you will never forget
2) Orange -someone you refer as your true friend
3) Red -someone you love, a lot !
4) White -someone whose heart is the twin of yours (yourtwin soul)
5) Green -someone that you will remember forever

# 4: your wish will strikes back on your fav. day with as many chances as your lucky number.


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