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tired & blissful..
嬉しかったね〜怖いとても . .

3,5 years has passed
.. of surviving in Shanghai
.. of Tears & Joyt
.. of making new friends
.. of getting experience
(weather w/ edu or work)

Living all by my-self has never been easy,
although there are people who've been supporting me'
yet the feeling of loneliness shadow onto me.

There was time when I feel so thankful to be in Shanghai,
also time when I feel v. down

No matter how hard I try,
No matter how giggly I am;
I'll always feel lonely,
I'll always feel something missing.

I know my family & friends
.. will never leave me
.. will always support me
.. will be trusted to count on

However, life just feel so empty & shallow.
Unrest mind, Unsettle heart, worried soul hauling.. howling for a shoulder to set on.

Been awhile since I ever feel real happiness
Today, under the last day of the month of August
It happened..
It has been ups & down
It has been a v. decisive year
It has been a hard self-finding
& yet today my long-lost joy fulfilled


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